30-hour Mentorship Program: Deep Tissue Massage, Pain Management Massage, and Yoga Therapy


Traditional Deep Tissue Massage

  • Minimal assessment beyond a verbal intake
  • Performed exclusively in prone and supine positions— the “pancake” approach
  • Non-interactive, passive
  • Focused on compression (using downward force to generate depth)
  • A routine of techniques that are performed with minimal variation from client to client

Rising Spiral Signature Deep Tissue Massage

  • Detailed visual and functional assessments conducted before, during, and after each session that inform our therapy goals
  • Performed in prone, supine, sidelying, and seated positions, or in yoga asanas on a mat
  • Movement oriented, highly interactive
  • Focused on rotation (using spiraling force to generate fascial unwinding)
  • An organic, evolving dance that changes its choreography for every body, every session


The Rising Spiral Difference

At Rising Spiral, we redefine deep tissue massage therapy. Far from simply offering a “deep massage” that relaxes the entire body, we offer a massage with a purpose—a massage that discerns each body’s unique pattern of tightness and weakness and addresses each misalignment according to its needs. In short, deep tissue massage isn’t about depth at all; it is about specificity.

Because the body is not a stagnant, two-dimensional structure, but a three-dimensional spiral-spring system in motion, we have created a three-dimensional, motion-oriented approach to bodywork. Our signature style is best described as a blend of four primary modalities: advanced deep tissue massage, myoskeletal alignment therapy, Thai-Yoga bodywork, and yoga therapy. We are so excited to share it with you!


What You’ll Learn

  1. Advanced Deep Tissue Massage:

Refine your touch and you will cultivate your intuition. We begin each mentorship program with a workshop that explores the key concepts of deep tissue touch: flowing slow(er) and deep(er), listening rather than doing, rotating rather than compressing, focusing on intention, working with direction, hooking the fascia, and playing with angles. These concepts are the bedrock on which we will build our techniques.

  1. Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy:

A structural massage modality pioneered by osteopath, Rolfer, and clinical psychologist Dr. Eric Dalton, MAT teaches therapists how to identify and balance weak/inhibited and tight/activated musculature. You’ll learn osteopathic joint mobilization techniques, tendon and ligament therapy, and a contract-relax method that works directly with the nervous system to retrain muscle memory.

  1. Thai on the Table:

This movement meditation has been used therapeutically for centuries. With Thai-yoga bodywork’s creative, dynamic stretch techniques, you will learn how to use movement to assess and treat restrictions, how to use jostling to nourish joints, and how to use breathwork to release a holding pattern from the inside-out.

  1. Yoga Therapy:

While traditional yoga therapy addresses everything from organ systems to the spiritual body, this module focuses on yoga therapy for the myoskeletal, fascial, and nervous systems. You will learn how to pair yoga poses with common misalignments to strengthen weaknesses, safely stretch contractions, and create new neurological pathways to pain-free living. You will also learn how to integrate verbal cuing and muscle firing techniques into a manual therapy practice.


Schedule: Every other Saturday and Sunday from 9-12 AM for 10 weeks from Oct 14- Dec 10 2017

Location: The Pain Management Palace in West Lake Hills

Who we’re looking for: Licensed massage therapists, current massage therapy students, or current yoga teachers who are interested in doing manual therapy

Continuing Education Credit: 30 clock hours, 3 CEUs

Cost: $750, early bird $675 (must register by August 31 to qualify as an early bird)


Sat Oct 14: Flowing slow(er) and deep(er), working with direction and intention, listening rather than doing

Sun Oct 15: Hooking the fascia, rotating rather than compressing, playing with angles

Sat Oct 28: Functional Assessment and Session Planning, Upper and Lower Crossed Syndromes

Sun Oct 29: MAT Technique Tool Bag: The “Dirty Dozen”

Sat Nov 11: Prone and supine Thai techniques

Sun Nov 12: Side-lying and seated Thai techniques

Sat Nov 25: Yoga Therapy Off the Table: Introduction to Bowspring alignment with Bowspring class. Introduction to Tom Myer’s spiral line and deep front line with yoga class. Creating a self-care yoga therapy plan.

Sun Nov 26: Yoga Therapy On the Table: Introduction to Bowspring Massage

Sat Dec 9: Integration Demonstration and Practice

Sun Dec 10: Integration Capstone, Trade with Partner and Feedback


Contact Julia at (512) 200-3909 to apply.