During this one-on-one yoga intensive, your therapist will personalize a yoga practice to your body’s unique pattern of tightness and weakness. Our yoga therapists specialize in the Bowspring, an alignment system that maximizes the body’s efficiency by teaching you how to balance tensile strength and rooted lightness in any movement. Clients should wear loose-fitting clothing and bring a water bottle. Mats are provided in the studio.

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About the Bowspring

The Bowspring is movement medicine for the modern body. The goal of the Bowspring alignment is to achieve tensile strength and rooted lightness in any movement while maximizing the body’s efficiency. Sridaiva sees the body as spring-like; when honoring the spine’s natural curves, the body is naturally capable of dynamic power and movement.

The posture of the Bowspring can reveal weaknesses and somatic patterns that we tend to ignore. In less than one month of regular Bowspring practice, students can expect a significant shift in their physical and emotional posture. By becoming more aware of our individual habits and holding patterns, we are able to skillfully choose a more balanced alignment, thereby clearing chronic aches, pains, and other health issues.

Benefits of the Bowspring

Increased confidence, sense of empowerment, autonomy
Balanced hormonal function creating mental and emotional clarity
Pain relief, and eventually loss of pain
Bolstered immune system
Core length and strength
Lifted glutes, taut belly, and cinched waistline
Buoyant posture and radiant breath

If you’re interested in taking your yoga practice to the next level, or if you’d like to experience the Bowspring alignment system within the context of a massage, consider our Body Sculpt Massage: an active, participatory massage that breaks through the adhesions that lock your body in flexion, relaxes overworked musculature, and tones underused and inhibited fascia.