Reviews From Yelp

3/2/2017 Nathan R
Of all the massages I’ve had Larisa’s massage was truly exceptional. Her integration of stretches into her technique left me feeling so wonderfully cared for and relaxed. A truly gifted therapist.

2/21/2017 Jenny H
In fairness I work in this building, but I have had massages from all three of the massage therapists here and they are all wonderful. I also recommend them to my own patients when massage is needed. (Is if ever not?)…

Julia, Kari and Larisa all bring skill and passion to their work and are talented healers. I can’t say enough great things about them and of course the space is extremely welcoming and calming!

2/21/2017 Kim H
I drive all the way from Pflugerville to get my messages from the therapist at Rising Spiral.  I started with Julia then realized she taught her other therapist her methods.  Now I grab the first available and still get the best therapy!  I’ve been going for over 2 years and won’t go anywhere else.  They listen to what I want and need!

2/21/2017 EW
Rising Spiral is exceptional. Always a beautiful combination of therapeutic techniques to undo the many common things I do to slowly ruin myself (hours at the computer, sleeping twisted on my side, stress that ratchets up my shoulders, and so on). Every session has been glorious and comfortable. I leave feeling my best, standing tall, ready for all the things I have to do…until my next session.

1/31/2017 Tiffany M
I have seen Larisa twice now and she is absolutely amazing!  The space is very calming and located in a quaint house off Koenig Lane with ample parking.  Larisa was very aware of the areas I needed the most work and was great at checking in to make sure the pressure was just right.  I will definitely be going back.

1/7/2017 Cindy A
Larisa did amazing work on my tense neck! I highly recommend her for detail work in the neck and shoulder area.

12/31/2016 Adam P
This place has absolutely changed my life! I went from a lost wandering lifeless soul with no self esteem, confidence, or place, to having so much more and more coming to me all the time! Between the calm, 5-star style ambiance to the loving and warm care of my therapist, Larisa, to even the extracurricular offerings, such as Richard’s Monday night meditations, this place is to wherein all lost souls shalst wander.

And even if I sound like a sissy for saying so, ever since I’ve been going there just over about a month ago now, I have not, for the first time in AGES hence, cried myself to sleep at night.
NOT ONCE. Please find your way here. This is an absolutely life changing and saving time for me. It can be for you too.

10/18/2016 Jennifer J
Larisa was fantastic! I had a neck pain that I came in with, but she discovered a periformis issue on my right side which was a major culprit. I came away a new woman. Totally unkinked on both sides of my body. Keep it up!

8/8/2016 Monore D
This is the opposite of a massage mill. Every customer is a singular set of unique problems to be addressed with expertise.This is the most well-trained set of massage therapists in Austin. I recommend every therapist here. I’ve been getting regular massages for 30 years, and all the therapists here are in my list of the top 5 of massage therapists I’ve ever used.

1/28/2016 Tom F
I’ve had 20 90m sessions with Natasha over the past year. Though I leave half in a haze from “massage brain” I can say now with clear mind it’s the best massage in Austin for the money. She and the team at Rising Spiral are constantly improving – noticeably impressive, humble, and appreciated. If there were a 6 star option you could only use once, I’d use it here without question.

9/24/2015 Zach Z
I had the best experience hands down I have ever had with Natasha at Rising Spiral Massage!  It was life changing and will become part of my routine!

I highly suggest everyone experience Natasha, it will be the best decision you make all week!

9/22/2015 Michael M
I have received massages from Natasha and Julia and they are hands down the BEST! Whether you receive a full body massage or have them focus one one aching area, you will walk out feeling like a new, rejuvenated person! They are professional, polite, and hands down just an awesome team! Whether you have aches, pains, or stress, I recommend you check out Julia & Natasha’s work and then let others know what you think!

9/22/2015 Eric S
I have been a DEDICATED Customer of Rising Spiral from Opening Day!

Natasha is a Massage MASTER, she always finds my aches and pains and makes them disappear!

She has the BEST Tableside manner, always caring and THANKS ME for allowing her to give me a massage.

She and Julia are HEAVEN in AUSTIN!


9/22/2015 Kelle S
Ahhhhhhhhh-mazing!!!!!  I have been to top notch spas around the world and I must say these gals take my #1 spot!  The deep tissue is like no other and has changed my life.  To boot, Natasha is one of the kindest people I have ever met.  Go see her and be ready to be hooked on Rising Spiral!

5/12/2015 GD
Julia does amazing work!

4/8/2015 Chris R
Simply the best. I discovered Julia’s talent a couple years ago, and quickly referred my wife and mother in law (an experienced LMT herself). We all followed Julia as she opened Rising Spiral and her work has only improved. It’s rare to find someone so dedicated to their craft. Your first visit will not be your last!

12/14/2014 KB
Julia is a miracle worker! She treats everyone as an individual – understands the specific issues you are dealing with and tailors her massages for your needs.  I love the combo of thai, deep tissue, and yoga in her massages.

9/29/2014 Daniel M
One of the best massages you can get from one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.    After my last appt, I still had a pain in one area, and Julia stayed after the appt to work on it some more.  Only negative thing I can say about Rising Spiral is that appts are hard to come by now that people have discovered this hidden gem.


Reviews From Facebook

May 3 2017 · Tiffany Olson Moorman

I’ve seen Larisa twice now and she is amazing! The studio is quite and relaxing and I left feeling totally amazing! I can’t wait to go back.
July 30, 2016 · Stephanie E. Knight

There is no one in the world like Julia Traylor. She blends heart and soul with knowledge and talent for a life changing experience…you will never be the same.

November 6, 2016 · Mike Pistey

Julia is absolutely the very best. Austin is extremely lucky to have her there.

August 26, 2015 ·Delia Mott Merritt

“Hands down” (couldn’t resist the pun) the best place to get a therapeutic massage. The ambiance of their office and their expertise make for a wonderful experience. Thanks Natasha! Thanks Julia!

May 23, 2014 ·Daniel McGauley

Julia’s massages are insane. Absolutely the best I’ve ever received. She’s helped me through some really bad back and foot pain to the point that I don’t notice them anymore (after 15 years of living with them every day). She’s also super kind, friendly, and wicked smart.

May 23, 2014 · Anu Kate Pradhan

Julia transforms the meaning of soothing from merely relaxing and calming to holistically centering. She possesses ample physical strength which she applies artfully to leave you feeling as if the environment you renter into has been calibrated to your exact specifications. Experience the symphony of breathing in and out with our world.

August 15, 2014 ·Julie Lack

Julia is the best massage therapist I’ve ever worked with. She’s been treating me for years and has absolutely healed my body. She sets a high bar for the rest of the massage community.

Reviews From Google Review

Excellent experience with Laris. Great massage, very therapeutic and relaxing. Can’t wait for my next one. ~Joshua Gill

Rising spiral does a great job at providing a warm, welcome feeling.  Then, their therapists are first class! ~ Michael Mann

Larisa and Julia are so very sweet and kind, it totally makes my day and warms my soul! ~Adam Pfaff
Best massage therapists in town. Julia and Natasha offer deep tissue and Thai modalities. It’s great for athletes looking to get some serious muscle work. ~A Kilzer
It’s always a wonderful experience!!!!! ~Crisene Casper