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From ancient yogic practices to contemporary sports medicine, the “rising spiral” is a concept that informs virtually every study of human movement. The proper human gait, for example, is a rising spiral: the spine counter-rotates the pelvis and shoulders, ensuring that energy rises upward as we walk and that our momentum is not lost to the ground. Even when seated or standing, proper posture calls our bodies to draw energy out of the earth, through the cogwheels of our joints, and upward to the crown of our heads. Our very DNA takes its shape from this rising spiral. Far from the linearity or symmetry of flat figures in an anatomy textbook, our bodies are three-dimensional bodies in motion—and they demand a three-dimensional, motion-oriented approach to bodywork. Rising Spiral’s style of massage therapy addresses the 360-degree body on all its functional planes, drawing from advanced deep tissue techniques, medical massage, Thai bodywork, and yoga therapy to relieve your pain and restore your poise. Our therapists have all completed rigorous training in myoskeletal alignment therapy, Thai bodywork, and pain management massage. Book an appointment with an expert today to keep your spiral rising!


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