Complete the perfect massage with a little something extra. Just call (512) 572-3931 or email us at to add any of the following services to your massage appointment.

Mini-Facial: an extra 15 minutes of facial massage and expert skin care ~ $20 value
 Our homespun skincare products are made from organic ingredients chosen for their anti-inflammatory properties, the perfect medium for lymphatic facial massage and facial trigger point therapy to stimulate blood flow, encourage collagen production, and enliven the face.

Yoga Therapy: a 15 minute private yoga class following your treatment~ $20 value
After massage has smoothed out the kinks in your kinetic chain, you and your therapist will co-create a yoga practice designed to strengthen weaknesses, relax chronic points of tension, and treat your compensatory patterns.

Give Me Some Sugar: an extra 15 minutes of sugar scrub exfoliation~ $20 value
The same bodywork you know and love plus a 15 minute scented sugar scrub treatment designed to exfoliate, invigorate, soften, and enliven.

Hot Stones: the same bodywork you know and love–plus hot stones! ~$20 value
Therapists use heated river stones throughout your massage to melt muscle tension, enhance circulatory and lymphatic flow, and jumpstart detoxification. Hot stones are a lovely addition to your massage any time of the year, but they are especially delightful during the colder winter months.

Sole Love: an extra 15 minutes of foot massage ~$20 value
On your feet all day? Are your soles feeling soulless? Treat your tootsies to 15 extra minutes of TLC. Our medical massage therapists are qualified to relieve the pain and strain related to plantar fasciitis, bunions, heel spurs, and arch pain. Whatever the cause, your therapist will ease you back on your feet.

Head in the Clouds: an extra 15 minutes of scalp and face massage ~$20 value
Don’t want your massage to end? Float away with 15 minutes of pure relaxation including a scalp, face, and neck massage. The perfect ending to a perfect massage.

Make Me Taller: an extra 15 minutes of Thai massage ~$20 value
Leave limbered, energized, and aligned by adding 15 extra Thai Yoga Bodywork to any massage. Thai massage uses flowing compressions, assisted stretching, and breath control to promote flexibility, relaxation, and meditation. The remedy for persistent muscular tightness.

Aromatherapy: a personalized blend of essential oils ~$5 value
Essential oils are plant medicine in its purest form. Let us treat you to to a tailored blend of fragrances that will ground you, inspire you, relax you, invigorate you, even decongest you–whatever your body needs!