9 June

Massage Therapy and Narrative Medicine: Julia’s Statement of Purpose

  My professional life and my academic interests have long been clumsy dance partners: they orbit each other on different beats, fumbling for one another’s attention, sometimes stepping on each other’s toes, sometimes achieving moments of grace. At first glance, massage therapy and literary criticism don’t seem to pair well, but after a decade of […]

22 July

Empowering the Back Body: Reimagining Massage with Sridaiva

Our bodies are instruments of exploration, the limitless channels through which we experience our lives, each other, and our planet–and yet we can live without fully experiencing our body’s natural lightness and playfulness. Sridaiva, a dynamic movement practice similar to martial arts, felt like everything I was taught never to do as a vinyasa yoga […]

17 July

An Introduction to Touch: Couples’ Instructional Massage

Several years ago, I integrated couples’ instructional massage into my practice. I worked with people in pairs—mothers and daughters, seniors and their caregivers, romantic partners—and I taught them how to give each other massage. As it usually goes with first time teachers, I started off with entirely too much enthusiasm: I choreographed complex techniques that […]

25 April

“Fixing Funky Necks” with Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy

Within months of finishing my massage therapy degree, I was rear-ended by a reckless driver and suffered a debilitating neck injury.  I saw chiropractors, acupuncturists, and Western physicians from a variety of fields—all to no avail.  Still weeks after the accident, I could barely turn my head without pain. Then, a friend referred me to […]