Treat a loved one to a massage or bodywork service by choosing a service listed below. Services of the same length of time are the same price, so gift certificates can apply to any service. If you’d like us to snail-mail you or your loved one a snazzy hard-copy of the certificate, just let us know by email at

Gift Card for a 60-minute service $105
Gift Card for a 90-minute service $135
Gift Card for a 120-minute service $165


*Gift cards are not available with Julia. All gift cards expire within one year of purchase.



Over time, muscle memory can turn poor posture and misalignment into chronic pain and strain. Our brand of bodywork works WITH muscle memory to counter these repetitive strains and return your body to alignment and ease. But, as it is with exercise, retraining muscle tissue through massage therapy often takes several sessions. Are you ready to make a commitment to your body by purchasing a series? Do you want to test the limits of just how good you can feel? Packages of 3 are available for $15 off each massage, and packages of 6 are available for $20 off each massage.


*Packages are not available with Julia. All packages expire within one year of purchase.



To be accepted as a new client with Julia, you must purchase a “Dream Team” package, which includes one 90-minute session with Julia and three follow-up 90-minute sessions with a Rising Spiral colleague at regular package rates (total cost of $525). During the initial massage session, Julia will conduct a detailed assessment of your body’s unique pattern and establish treatment protocol for the following three sessions with another member of her team. Every week, the Rising Spiral “Dream Team” meets to review your case, dream-storm solutions, and ensure your progress. If you have chronic pain or a recurring pattern of strain, and if you are ready to make a commitment to healing, this is the package for you.

To work with the Dream Team, please contact us by phone at (512) 645-0337  or by email at


Acupuncture is a powerful healing modality known best for its ability to lessen pain and reduce stress. Studies show that acupuncture lowers cortisol levels in the body and releases endorphins, literally reversing the effects of chronic stress and facilitating the body’s healing response. Together, massage and acupuncture can realign and restore your body from the inside out. Book a massage and acupuncture session within the same week at Rising Spiral, and we will give you $20 off your massage and $10 off your first acupuncture appointment. All subsequent acupuncture appointments are on a sliding scale based on income. To schedule, please contact us directly at:

Rising Spiral Massage and Wellness
(512) 580-7096

— OR —

Jennifer Hoger Acupuncture
(512) 270-0634