40-hour Mentorship Program:

Deep Tissue & Pain Management Massage

The Rising Spiral Difference

At Rising Spiral, we redefine deep tissue massage therapy. Far from simply offering a deep massage that relaxes the entire body, we offer massage with a purpose—a massage that discerns each body’s unique pattern of tightness and weakness and addresses each misalignment according to its needs. In short, deep tissue massage isn’t about depth at all; it is about balance and specificity.

Because the body is not a stagnant, two-dimensional structure, but a three-dimensional spiral-spring system in motion, we have created a three-dimensional, motion-oriented approach to bodywork. Our signature style is best described as a blend of four primary modalities: advanced deep tissue massage, myoskeletal alignment therapy, Thai-Yoga bodywork, and yoga therapy. We are so excited to share it with you!

What You’ll Learn

1. Advanced Deep Tissue Methods:

Refine your touch and you will cultivate your intuition. We begin each mentorship program with a workshop that explores the key concepts of deep tissue touch: flowing slow(er) and deep(er), listening rather than doing, rotating rather than compressing, focusing on intention, working with direction, hooking the fascia, and playing with angles. These concepts are the bedrock on which we will build our techniques.

2. Pain Management Massage Techniques:

At Rising Spiral, we practice a structural massage modality pioneered by osteopath, Rolfer, and clinical psychologist Dr. Erik Dalton, called myoskeletal alignment therapy. In this portion of the workshop, you will learn how to identify and balance weak/inhibited and tight/activated musculature. Then, you’ll learn Dalton-inspired osteopathic joint mobilization techniques, tendon and ligament therapy, and a contract-relax method that works directly with the nervous system to retrain muscle memory.
*Please note that we are not certified MAT instructors, and we cannot certify you in MAT.

3. Thai on the Table:

This movement meditation has been used therapeutically for centuries. With Thai-yoga bodywork’s creative, dynamic stretch techniques, you will learn how to use movement to assess and treat restrictions, how to use jostling to nourish joints, and how to use breathwork to release a holding pattern from the inside-out.

4. Yoga Therapy:

While traditional yoga therapy addresses everything from organ systems to the spiritual body, this module focuses on yoga therapy for the myoskeletal, fascial, and nervous systems. You will learn how to pair yoga poses with common misalignments to strengthen weaknesses, safely stretch contractions, and create new neurological pathways to pain-free living.

Fall 2018 Schedule: Every other Saturday and Sunday from 8:30 AM-12:30 PM for 10 weeks from April 14-June 10

Location: Cortona Dr. West Lake Hills TX 78746

Who we’re looking for: Licensed massage therapists, current massage therapy students, and medical professionals with manual therapy training

Continuing Education Credit: 40 clock hours

Fall 2018 Curriculum

Weekend 1 Sun (April 14): Reconciling Pain Science with Pain Management Massage

Weekend 1 Mon (April 15): Zone Therapy and Diaphragm Therapy

Weekend 2 Sun (April 28): Visual Assessment, Functional Assessment, and Session Planning

Weekend 2 Mon (April 29): Deep Tissue Methods for a Pain Management Practice

Weekend 3 Sun (May 12): Pain Management Massage Techniques

Weekend 3 Mon (May 13): Pain Management Massage Techniques, Continued

Weekend 4 Sun (May 26): Table Thai-Yoga Techniques

Weekend 4 Mon (May 27): Table Thai-Yoga Techniques, Continued

Weekend 5 Sun (June 9): Yoga Therapy Off the Table + Creating a Self-Care Yoga Therapy Plan

Weekend 5 Mon (June 10) Integration Capstone, Trade with Partner and Feedback

Contact Julia at (512) 200-3909 for more information. To apply for mentorship, simply complete this Mentorship Application and submit it to julia@risingspiralmassage.com. (This application is a PDF, so you can just print it, fill it out by hand, and send us pictures or scanned copies of the form. )


  • By check payable to Rising Spiral Massage LLC: $899. Send checks to Rising Spiral Massage, 1707 W. Koenig Ln. Austin TX 78756.
  • By PayPal (PayPal transactions include a 3% PayPal transaction fee): $926. To pay by PayPal, just click the button below.

Early bird rate available until August 15: $799 by check, $824 by Paypal.To pay by PayPal, just click the button below.


Beyond worth the investment of time and money! I decided to join the mentorship to gain a better structural knowledge, to be confident in assessing myoskeletal patterns and understand how to treat functional issues. I’ve been interested in Erik Dalton’s work for years, but don’t excel with distance learning. I’m currently in Yoga Teacher Training and have training in Thai mat massage. The mentorship was the perfect combination of all my interests in furthering my education and skill! I feel like Julia took all of the gems she’s learned, combined with years of experience and her personal style to create a new modality of massage. The amount of information Julia masterfully shares is overwhelming in the best possible way! Weeks after the last class, I’m still reviewing and processing all the amazing science, assessments, and techniques. The info is presented in a way that makes it very easy to immediately incorporate it into sessions with clients. All the techniques I’ve learned through the course are extremely effective and clients positively comment on them often! I’ve been a therapist for seven years and have attended over 100 hours of CE classes – Julia is doing it right. Our group had new and seasoned therapists, Julia was excellent at teaching to both at the same time. She is skilled at responding to feedback or requests and is one of the kindest people I have met. You can tell teaching and massage are two of her gifts to this world! ~Amber P. (Spring 2018)

Having worked a year in the field of massage therapy, this mentorship was exactly what I needed at exactly the right time. I find that if I’m not learning or growing the work loses a lot of its appeal for me. This mentorship, though its thoroughly researched and expertly taught coursework, hands on instruction, and low student to teacher ratio imparted a fantastic new skill set. Compared to other training I had looked into, this mentorship was by far the most time and cost effective. Upon completing the mentorship I felt confident enough to branch out into higher-end establishments and found that they were appreciative of the work I was bringing to the table. It was definitely worth it and the mentorship itself was a pleasure it be a part of. ~Sarah J. (Spring 2018)

This class presents work in massage from the inside-out. From pain expression in the body to movement analysis to proper client inquiry, from a therapist perspective, this class will turn your thinking box inside-out in all the best ways! After some weeks post class completion, I am able to observe movement and pain from a fresh vantage point. The layers and varieties of techniques to help clients’ bodies get to better movement have been so helpful for me and my clients.As I continue to review material from the class, one of my biggest challenges is how to get more results with less effort. Julia’s instruction makes it all very graceful; something I always aspire to! In all lengthy CEU classes, there’s a point where the brain feels like it will absorb no more. The mentorship program is spaced out over several weeks, enabling one to take the information in pieces and apply it a little at a time. Even with so many new techniques, I was able to use them right away. I found my clients thanking me for little things in my new approach. From how to hold their body in movements and integrating breathwork, to asking better questions to get to a place we are both more informed and more comfortable. And able to see where improvement can take us! I highly recommend this investment in your practice. Julia is thorough in clearing confusion and generous with her years of knowledge. You will want to NOT miss any class! Thanks Julia, I look forward to another learning opportunity in the coming year(s)! ~Amy C. (Spring 2018)

I have had the immense pleasure of working with the very gifted Julia Traylor in trainings that touch upon assessment, myoskelatal alignment, movement therapies and Thai Massage. Julia is both gifted and skilled in her teaching and applications. She is able to explain complex structural knowledge and anatomic insight in such a way that you are able to put in to practice what you learn right away. She has a wealth of knowledge of both structural theory and practical technique applications. She also knows the importance of teaching quality of touch and presence in your sessions. If you are looking for an Advanced training to really make your mark in the massage world this is the training for you. It will elevate your practitioner status to an artist in your field. ~Natasha H. (Fall 2017)

Thank you so much, Julia. The course was above and beyond what was expected. It has definitely helped with techniques and with my practice, and I am grateful that I made the decision to stick with the course. The great teaching and instruction were definitely worth it. I have recently been devoting a large portion of my practice to Thai massage pain management methods, especially the myoskeletal alignment material. Just this morning I used the subscap work mixed with the shoulder capsule release, and on another client, I used the active psoas release work. It has definitely helped to improve and inspire. Thank you so much for all that you do. ~Jessie T. (Fall 2017)

I did this mentorship in the fall and it was awesome! Julia is so compassionate, supportive, and knowledgeable! Going to learn from her in her cozy home was like a breath of fresh air every 2 weeks and I miss it! I am an occupational therapist not a LMT (though might get licensed in the future!) but all the ladies in the group welcomed me with open arms. I learned so much that I’m planning to incorporate in a soon to be holistic health business! I obviously highly recommend it! ~Amelia B. (Fall 2017)

Mentoring with Julia opened up a whole new world in my practice. I learned how to work with the body as a living, breathing, and dynamic structure. Not only will she will teach you incredible techniques, she will teach you to see and feel the effects of your work in real time, which is the true value in her training. ~Larisa W. (Spring-Fall 2016)

Goodness, I couldn’t thank you enough for the mentoring experience and the time, patience, and energy you put into sharing that with me. Anyone who asks how I’ve developed my skills or what has been most impactful in my development as a therapist gets an earful about how incredible is was to have that opportunity. Your mentorship set me years ahead in terms of skill. Honestly, YEARS. I’m so grateful that it happened when it did, fresh out of the massage program, as you certainly helped me avoid the “necessary evils” of working at mediocre, under paying massage facilities. The experience I had with your mentorship was invaluable to my massage career (along with watching you starting a business). I learned so much that it felt like my brain hurt from all the new neural pathways I was making. You set the bar high, real high. And I reached for it. Because of that I have much to thank you for…I continue to use so much of what you taught me and what we experimented with. A lot of what we did reinforced my own curiosity, another positive effect you had on me…. you did such a great job of reinforcing the benefits of exploring and continually learning. You’re a great teacher, you have great energy for it and superb positivity that’s really inspiring. ~Katrina A. (Spring 2015)